Cloth nappy - ZigZag

Cloth nappy - ZigZag

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Five-layer, bamboo inner, PUL outer. 

Nappy outer shell: 100% polyester (PUL)
Nappy inner lining: 100% polyester (suede cloth)
Insert: bamboo/cotton blend (5 layers)


Adjustable size, designed to fit babies to toddlers. 

How to use

Visit our cloth nappy guide for videos and useful tips for beginners.

    Switching to just one cloth nappy per day will save over 1000 disposable nappies from landfill in the first three years, and save over $200 (based on 20c disposable nappy). 

    The more simple switches you make, the bigger your impact!

    Rebates are currently available in some council areas. Visit the Cloth nappy rebate page to see if you can claim an upfront rebate or cashback.

    No need to pre-soak them - it's not good for the elastic. 

    Place solids into toilet. Use a brush to make it easier.

    Briefly rinse dirty nappies in laundry sink, then store in an open, airy basket 

    Run the nappies through a short (30-60 minute), warm cycle in your washing machine, using half the amount of detergent

    Run the nappies through a second cycle which is long (usually 2+ hours for a front loading machine) and warm and using the full amount of detergent

    Hang out in the sun to dry and disinfect.

    Most cloth nappy makers (WAHMS) offer repair services. You can also try Olga at Bellelis for repairs. You can order your repairs online, get a cost up front, then post off your nappies. Too easy.

    We have a buy-back program for cloth nappies that can be repaired, sanitised and placed into our second-hand bundles and cloth nappy library. 

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