Teen menstrual cup - Pelvi cup
Teen menstrual cup - Pelvi cup
Teen menstrual cup - Pelvi cup
Teen menstrual cup - Pelvi cup

Teen menstrual cup - Pelvi cup

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Ditch tampons for good with this convenient mini-sized cup. Wear for 8 hours at a time - great for swimming, camping, hiking, overnight, convenience!


Soft, Medical Grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) menstrual cup. TPE can be rolled as thin as a tampon, making it suitable for younger, smaller or inexperienced users.

Pelvi Cup is a reusable soft silicone cup worn internally like a tampon, but collects rather than absorbs your period. When inserted correctly it naturally stays in place, won’t leak and can be worn for 8 consecutive hours.

  • Suitable for light to heavy flows.
  • Certified Medical Grade Silicone.
  • Australian Owned listed with TGA.

One cup should last about 6 years, saving well over 1000 tampons or pads from landfill - variable by individual of course!


Mini - Sized to suit teens/youth. Suitable for anyone that would use a mini tampon or those new to using cups, regardless of age. 

Dimensions: diameter 38mm; overall length including the stem is 60mm. 


  • Soft, Medical Grade TPE which is clinically tested and recyclable.
  • No latex, silicone, BPA or phthalates.

Pelvi Menstrual Cups are designed and packaged in Australia and made in an ISO-Certified facility in the United States. 

How to use


Rinse between uses when on the go, and wash and sterilise between uses once you are back home. 

It is handy to carry a wet bag for your reusable period products while out and about.  

This product is exempt from GST.

Check your Council page to see if there are rebateson this product in your area.

If your council does not offer rebates on this product, purchases of this product do not count towards your rebate spend minimum.

This product is designed to help you reduce the need for single use items.

With a little care and cleaning, oyu will get many years of use.

Many items can be recycled at end of life, others can be composted or repurposed. Contact us if you are unsure what to do to keep this item out of landfill at the end of its functional life.