About us


Greener Everyday is a program by Chooktopia. Chooktopia started out as a palm oil free, ethical eco store, and has grown into a suite of sustainability programs, including Compost Community, to help everyday Aussies strive to protect the planet - and have fun doing it!

Greener Everyday offers simple switches to solve everyday problems like single use plastic, food waste, water waste, energy waste and waste to landfill. 

We also work with councils to administer rebate programs for products, such as cloth nappy rebates and compost bin rebates

Greener Everyday was founded by Ella Boyen. It has been a slow burn for about 15 years and officially launched in 2021. 

We are based in Langwarrin at Chooktopia HQ, 1195 Dandenong-Hastings Rd Langwarrin, VIC Australia. We are a home-based business with a small team of dedicated staff. You can learn and shop 24/7 online, and visit by appointment. Click and collect is available on some items. 


No greenwash; just genuine sustainability solutions for everyday problems.

Council rebates

We partner with local councils to manage up-front rebate discounts on selected items.

All Australian

We are an aussie-owned and operated family business based in Melbourne.