Plastic free periods

Period products. What’s the problem?

Let’s face it; periods can be a pain. Literally and figuratively. There’s the actual pain, the inconvenience, the expense, the leaks, the toxic products and the immense amount of WASTE!

An estimated 20 billion tampons and pads are disposed of in Australian landfills each year.

Then there are the other environmental impacts. The thirsty, herbicide intensive cotton crops, the bleaching, the plastics, the chemicals that leach out of the plastics, the packaging, the transport, all for a single-use item.

The solution?

Short of bleeding in an isolation tent or ripping up cotton rags like many of our ancestors, we can still live a comfortable modern life without the ongoing expense and impacts.

You could switch to organic, unbleached tampons and pads, that’s a start, but long term, the single-use impacts all remain.

It’s time to ditch the single-use products.

Making the switch

Fortunately, there is an option to suit every lifestyle and person.

Tampons are easily substituted for menstrual cups

Pads are easily substituted for cloth pads

Or for the ultimate convenience, simply switch to period underwear.

Shop the full range of reusable sanitary items

Are you ready?

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