Privacy and terms of use

Ordering from Greener Everyday (this website), a division of Chooktopia, constitutes acceptance of your Council's terms and conditions and the terms and conditions set out on this website.

Ordering a subsidised product does not automatically mean acceptance of the subsidy by the respective Council. We may need to verify your address and eligibility for a subsidy. Should you not be eligible, you will be given the option of paying the gap or cancelling your order.

Should you elect to receive a refund rather than pay the gap when you have:
  • ordered with a code for an ineligible address or made multiple orders using a discount code on more than one occasion
  • ordered using a discount code for a council other than your own council area
  • order multiple times to claim a subsidy that is limited to one per household, or
  • simply changed your mind

then refunds will exclude our out of pocket costs (admin and merchant fees of $ or up to 5% of your order cost, which ever is the greater) to cover our out of pocket expenses.

Your Privacy

​As a small, family owned Australian business, we value your privacy.

Your details are collected solely for the purposes of communicating with you for the Greener Everyday Program, delivering your order, and seeking feedback on the success of the program in helping you to reduce waste to landfill. 

Your name, contact details and order details will be shared with your local council only if you have claimed a subsidy, as the subsidy is funded by your council. 

Any answers to requests for feedback or survey questions will be deidentified and the data will be used in its raw, deidentified form for program evaluation to calculate the environmental benefit of the program. Your details will be kept secure at all times and will never be shared with any third party or used for any other purpose other than for which it was collected without your explicit written permission. 

Your responses to any surveys, including any personal information you provide are being collected by Greener Everyday ABN 99 760 249 837 for your relevant council in accordance with its Privacy Policy, the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. We will only use this information for the purpose it was collected and may use it for a secondary, related purpose that could reasonably be expected, such as sending you an invite to a sustainability workshop or requesting feedback on how the products are helping you reduce your environmental footprint. You may access information you have provided to us at any time and make corrections if you believe the information is incorrect.

Please visit the About page for more information about Greener Everyday, a division of Chooktopia.


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