Hanky challenge

Ditch the tissues and help the planet.

What's the problem?

The majority of tissues are made from old growth forests, pulped into paper.

Think about it, endangered animals losing their homes, for what? Snot?

Add to that: toxic bleaching, toxic fragrances, huge amounts of water and energy in manufacturing, there is nothing good to be said for tissues.

And the tissue issue isn't small - the global tissue market is over $12b and growing at around 5% per year.

What's the solution?

The solution is easy, it's overcoming the barriers that's the challenge!

Following a few handy hygiene tips, hankies are equally (if not more) hygienic than tissues.

What can you do about it?

Read the FAQs below to learn a few hygiene tips and overcome barriers to hankies, then simply make the switch!

Start by just always carrying a hanky instead of a tissue. You might wish to keep it in a cloth or ziplock bag to keep it clean and ready for use.

Not every runny nose is an infectious disease.

Start by switching tissue for hankies during hay fever and for sad movies!

There are germs whether you use tissues or hankies.

How many times have you used a tissue and then put it in your pocket or bag because a bin wasn't handy?

Germs are easy to manage, and the rules for tissues and hankies are the same:

Wash your hands after wiping or blowing your nose

Place used hanky or tissue into a wet bag or similar, rather than your pocket

It depends on the hanky. Some tissues can be really drying, too.

You can pre-moisten hankies, and even add a drop of baby oil, and keep them in a container like wet wipes. These are much more gentle on the nose.

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