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Small changes, big impact

We help Aussie families make simple changes to live a greener lifestyle and save money.

What is Greener Everyday?

We work with councils to offer up front rebates on these products.

Greener Everyday is a sister business to Compost Community, a division of Chooktopia.

Simple switches

Choose a challenge to switch an everyday item in your life to help you fight your war on waste. Get rewarded with Council-funded rebates.

Planet positive

No greenwash; just genuine sustainability solutions for everyday problems.

Council rebates

We partner with local councils to manage up-front rebate discounts on selected items.

Australian owned

We are an aussie owned and operated family business based in Melbourne.

Recently added challenges

Nappy rebates

Cloth curious? Take the nappy challenge and claim rebates.

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Take the hanky challenge

Just how much impact do tissues really have? Take the hanky challenge and find out!

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Plastic free periods

How much impact do pads and tampons have? What are the options? Learn all about plastic free periods.

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