Zero waste subsidies

Moreland reusable pilot program

For the period 12 months from April 2022 to 2023, eligible residents of the City of Moreland can claim: 

* $100 per household per year for cloth nappies; and

* $35 per resident per year for reusable period products.

The rebate can be claimed as an up-front subsidy on eligible products and accessories at Greener Everyday. 

Terms and conditions apply. 

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Zero waste subsidies


How it works

Claim your discount at the time of ordering with the following discount codes: 

- MRLnappy for cloth nappies and associated accessories

- MRLPFP for reusable sanitary products

The Moreland Greener Everyday team will verify all orders for eligibility and notify you of your order approval or any issues and next steps. 

Scroll down for Moreland products.

Check your council rebates and if your council is a Greener Everyday partner, be sure to use your code at checkout to claim your up-front discount.

Discount code will only be approved if address matches council for which it is being claimed.

Order a single nappy to try or a complete starter bundle.

Note: council rebates cannot be used multiple times, so maybe hold off on using your rebate if ordering a single nappy sample.

Turnaround times

Orders usually take a couple of days to move through the approval process. Items in stock will ship that week.

As this is a pilot program we will continue to adjust supply to meet demand - please be patient as we order in more stock for unexpected demand. 

Rebates (subsidies) may be claimed only by residents of the City of Moreland.

The billing address must be a Moreland residential address.

Each household may apply for ONE cloth nappy subsidy in the trial period, to a maximum discount of $100.

Each eligible individual in a household may apply for ONE reusable period product subsidy of up to $35 during the trial period.

Rebates are provided as an up-front discount off eligible products on the Greener Everyday website (this website).

Orders wil be verified for eligibility and resident will be contacted with options to pay the gap or cancel their order, if their rebate application does not qualify.